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A long, long way to go February 16, 2009

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Will it ever be done? Will it ever get started?!

Despite the fact that I drove through snowflakes (!?) in downtown Durham at lunchtime today, we had another mild weekend. Sunday, out on a walk with Una, I picked a bunch of daffodils from a vacant lot on the 400 block of Mallard–where someone’s front yard must have been at one time.

Around the ‘hood recently: the folks at the corner of Oakwood and Primitive appropriated the “Don’t Trash My Spot” sign from across
the street for their own yard, and then promptly dumped an armchair, a lampshade, and three (exceptionally ugly) gold end
table frames down the bank where the sign had been.
Perhaps we should return their furniture to their porch with a note saying, “You must have dropped this.”

Marc checks out the inside of the house for the first time

Marc checks out the inside of the house for the first time

Neighbor Jessie, who is a photographer, and I have agreed to take over the Cleveland-Holloway Blog. We interviewed another Mallard Ave. resident over the weekend as our first profile.

Jessie took the pictures in this post this past weekend in my house–my housemate Marc had never seen the inside before.

I still cannot quite believe it is ever going to be livable.


2 Responses to “A long, long way to go”

  1. Oh, you took over that blog? Dang. Renovating a house is one thing, but THAT’s ambitious!

  2. Wesley Says:

    Nice site. Thanks for updating the Cleveland-Holloway blog. Me and the fiance are looking at properties in the area and love seeing some of the inner workings of the area.

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