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Hurry up and wait. February 25, 2009

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Today my builder sez:

Jennifer,  the grader  is on alert to start asap. He has a couple of jobs in the works and can start Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Electrician is checking with Duke Power to set up proceedings concerning the temporary power pole. I have plenty of preliminaries to start on today or tomorrow to get ready for grader. I will call to have utilities locate services on property. They will spray the individual items so that we know where they are buried.

Also, permit went in for approval yesterday– seems there is some additional issue about no construction in the (creek) buffer and a debate over a few words in the ordinance. SIGH. We will need a survey now, to show the location of the “creek.”

In conclusion, Doug adds:  if it ain’t one thing, it’s your brother!

SIGH. Okay– time to find a surveyor. And pray the planning department gods are in a good mood this week. 🙂


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