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Dreaming Home March 26, 2009

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Friend Sarah dreams my new home:

I’m by myself outside in the backyard at night. Its a very clear night with lots of stars. The only constellation I notice is Orion.
The grass is long and thick and very green. Walking outside, I notice a huge wood shed outside (which looks like an old outhouse, but its just a shed) then, for whatever reason, I turn around and head inside to your house with everyone else from the backyard.
The inside is all wood inside, with a stone fireplace, high ceilings. You point at the mantle and say, “That’s where the big tv is going.” You are lounging on a chair.
It has a very welcoming feeling, especially with the warm tones of the wood and stones. It has an earthy, cozy feeling, which seems to suit you.

Wow. Cool. I wonder where I’m going to fit that big, stone fireplace. I’ll have to ask her if she can dream where the wood comes from to build the shed. And what color the house wants to be painted.

There’s a bat living in the bedroom, as of Monday.
And Duke Energy once again delayed temporary power due to a claim that the temporary pole was not sturdy enough.
On the up side, we do indeed have wood. Oh yeah, we got wood.


“It’s the brick and the kudzu.” March 19, 2009

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I was recently led back to this article, What I love about Durham.

I remembered reading it, and the line about the beauty of the red brick had always stuck in my mind, but I had not realized that it was published in the Indy as long ago as May 2006. At least one of those quoted no longer lives here. From what I see, Durham is not suffering today to the same extent it was three years ago from a lack of confidence and a reputation totally in the crapper. We are not there–not by a long shot, but Durham has finally started to learn to love itself. Time to ask again: What do you love about Durham? I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about creating a public audio project along these lines. Hmmmm…..

Do Durham, Do!

Do Durham, Do!

Some towns display their jewels in showcases.
Durham casually conceals hers in old cigar boxes and brown paper bags.

Durham (is) blessed with natural beauty, arts, education and a mild climate.

Durham does not feel like an un-human machine. There is a true sense of community here …

What I love about Durham is all the foodies.

I love the trees; the vacant lots with groves of trees and streams running through them.

I love Durham because we’re like a dysfunctional family trapped around a holiday table for all eternity.


Yes We have Wood Walls

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Surprise! Tongue and Groove under the drywall in the kitchen

Surprise! tongue and groove under the drywall in the kitchen

Well, I was tickled silly.

Doug and I played around some Saturday afternoon poking and prodding walls and discovered the following:

original tongue and groove wooden walls on the three original walls in the kitchen, but not on the wall where the bathroom was added;  slightly different tongue and groove wooden walls throughout the bedroom; none in the two front rooms; original door frame on the enclosed porch, with the Dutch lap exterior siding on both sides, just waiting to be turned into a built-in shelf!


Now that’s What I’m talking about! March 13, 2009

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Doug just called to say he has discovered tongue and groove walls behind the drywall in the kitchen.


This is going to be a big pain vis-a-vis re-wiring — but what a problem to have.   🙂

Pics to follow.


Patience Makes a Happy Homeowner

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I just made that up. I hope it’s true.

Pretty juicy stuff, no? Makes my heart race. We have permits. Temporary power will be on next week. Today it is raining. I am the proud owner of absolutely the most kickass crawlspace door on the block.


Friends do make a home March 9, 2009

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and it was!

and it was

30 or 40 awesome folks
stopped by Sunday to write well wishes on the wall, drink on the porch, make merry with one another, and in general bless me and my home-to-be most bountifully!

I can’t say too much more about that, as it would be just a gushy stream of goo — suffice it to say I was moved and grateful. Jim Kellough performed an unannounced shamanic ritual, which I think likely scared away a fair amount of bad juju, but may well have called in some spirits of the weird to live in my front yard.

I can deal with that.

(music by The Carolina Chocolate Drops)

Ken Gasch took a small group on an impromtu tour of a couple of house in the neighborhood that are available, and we also got to stop by and see what Maria and Leslie are doing with their house on Ottawa.

Steve, Ben, and Marc all wore red shirts and kept standing in a clump; Molly was styling in boots and skirt; Dorothy brought lemon tarts leftover from her birthday that were a big hit; Winston rearranged the gravel and brick in the front yard; Allyn and Corita arrived by bike; Natalie was happy to show off her generous baby boobs; and it was discovered that Rich likes wine just as well as beer.


Thanks to Paul D. for these pictures. Click below for more at my Flickr site:


Lookee! They’ve started! March 5, 2009

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digging the drains

digging the drains

I was greeting at 8am this morning on my way out the door by the site of my contractor meeting the electrician across the street, and within minutes, we were joined by a builder and a nurse!

I stopped by at lunch, and a truck was backing up into the driveway and unloading a very large amount of gravel. I was tempted to scream for them to stop until I could get my recorder — it was a very interesting, very LOUD sound. The drains have been dug around the front and sides of the house, and they were shoveling gravel in prior to laying the pipe as I headed back to work.

draingulley_frontJust last night I was telling friends that  going inside of the house felt surreal–like a distant non-reality. But today it actually feels like it could become a home! For some reason, it was very reassurring to see the brick foundation there, that couple of feet that have been underground all these years. They will be back underground again soon, but hopefully now with rain water draining away from, and not towards them!

Thanks to Jessie for the pictures! Having a professional photogapher next door is such a bonus! Everyone should have one!