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Lookee! They’ve started! March 5, 2009

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digging the drains

digging the drains

I was greeting at 8am this morning on my way out the door by the site of my contractor meeting the electrician across the street, and within minutes, we were joined by a builder and a nurse!

I stopped by at lunch, and a truck was backing up into the driveway and unloading a very large amount of gravel. I was tempted to scream for them to stop until I could get my recorder — it was a very interesting, very LOUD sound. The drains have been dug around the front and sides of the house, and they were shoveling gravel in prior to laying the pipe as I headed back to work.

draingulley_frontJust last night I was telling friends that  going inside of the house felt surreal–like a distant non-reality. But today it actually feels like it could become a home! For some reason, it was very reassurring to see the brick foundation there, that couple of feet that have been underground all these years. They will be back underground again soon, but hopefully now with rain water draining away from, and not towards them!

Thanks to Jessie for the pictures! Having a professional photogapher next door is such a bonus! Everyone should have one!


One Response to “Lookee! They’ve started!”

  1. Rachael Takei Says:

    Jennifer – What kind of recorder do you use? I often find that I want to record sounds – more than I want photos, I want aural memories of events. I have not been able to find a recorder that would get the sounds the way I want them. Thanks for any input. The house project sounds exhausting and exciting and absorbing. Doug Stuart is Ken’s neurologist – he suggested that we move to a house with no stairs for Ken. We have just begun looking. Hard to wrap my brain around it. We’ll need a bit more of those modern conveniences than your place has, though.

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