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Friends do make a home March 9, 2009

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and it was!

and it was

30 or 40 awesome folks
stopped by Sunday to write well wishes on the wall, drink on the porch, make merry with one another, and in general bless me and my home-to-be most bountifully!

I can’t say too much more about that, as it would be just a gushy stream of goo — suffice it to say I was moved and grateful. Jim Kellough performed an unannounced shamanic ritual, which I think likely scared away a fair amount of bad juju, but may well have called in some spirits of the weird to live in my front yard.

I can deal with that.

(music by The Carolina Chocolate Drops)

Ken Gasch took a small group on an impromtu tour of a couple of house in the neighborhood that are available, and we also got to stop by and see what Maria and Leslie are doing with their house on Ottawa.

Steve, Ben, and Marc all wore red shirts and kept standing in a clump; Molly was styling in boots and skirt; Dorothy brought lemon tarts leftover from her birthday that were a big hit; Winston rearranged the gravel and brick in the front yard; Allyn and Corita arrived by bike; Natalie was happy to show off her generous baby boobs; and it was discovered that Rich likes wine just as well as beer.


Thanks to Paul D. for these pictures. Click below for more at my Flickr site:


One Response to “Friends do make a home”

  1. I look forward to much more music on that porch!

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