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“It’s the brick and the kudzu.” March 19, 2009

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I was recently led back to this article, What I love about Durham.

I remembered reading it, and the line about the beauty of the red brick had always stuck in my mind, but I had not realized that it was published in the Indy as long ago as May 2006. At least one of those quoted no longer lives here. From what I see, Durham is not suffering today to the same extent it was three years ago from a lack of confidence and a reputation totally in the crapper. We are not there–not by a long shot, but Durham has finally started to learn to love itself. Time to ask again: What do you love about Durham? I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about creating a public audio project along these lines. Hmmmm…..

Do Durham, Do!

Do Durham, Do!

Some towns display their jewels in showcases.
Durham casually conceals hers in old cigar boxes and brown paper bags.

Durham (is) blessed with natural beauty, arts, education and a mild climate.

Durham does not feel like an un-human machine. There is a true sense of community here …

What I love about Durham is all the foodies.

I love the trees; the vacant lots with groves of trees and streams running through them.

I love Durham because we’re like a dysfunctional family trapped around a holiday table for all eternity.


One Response to ““It’s the brick and the kudzu.””

  1. SteveG Says:

    I love the line about being like a dysfunctional family. So true!

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