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Dreaming Home March 26, 2009

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Friend Sarah dreams my new home:

I’m by myself outside in the backyard at night. Its a very clear night with lots of stars. The only constellation I notice is Orion.
The grass is long and thick and very green. Walking outside, I notice a huge wood shed outside (which looks like an old outhouse, but its just a shed) then, for whatever reason, I turn around and head inside to your house with everyone else from the backyard.
The inside is all wood inside, with a stone fireplace, high ceilings. You point at the mantle and say, “That’s where the big tv is going.” You are lounging on a chair.
It has a very welcoming feeling, especially with the warm tones of the wood and stones. It has an earthy, cozy feeling, which seems to suit you.

Wow. Cool. I wonder where I’m going to fit that big, stone fireplace. I’ll have to ask her if she can dream where the wood comes from to build the shed. And what color the house wants to be painted.

There’s a bat living in the bedroom, as of Monday.
And Duke Energy once again delayed temporary power due to a claim that the temporary pole was not sturdy enough.
On the up side, we do indeed have wood. Oh yeah, we got wood.


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