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Show me the money April 30, 2009

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Rick Morgan from Harrington Bank stops by to check out the progress. I just put in a request for the first draw on the contruction loan. He told us a funny story about a loan they have out on a house, and it turns out it’s not there anymore! It burned down! Well, maybe not that funny.


The many joys of living in Durham April 29, 2009

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One of the small but sweet pleasures of life here in Durham—Una and I treat ourselves to the first Locopop of the season. Mine was Moroccan Milkshake. Hers—beef. Here’s to a long summer of such moments.
And grapefruit-basil locopops—be still my heart!


Spring, Summer, Whatever April 28, 2009

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Hmmm… no post in sometime.

wabi-sabi: old pipe finds a home in the tall grass of the backyard

wabi-sabi: old pipe finds a home in the tall grass of the backyard (photo by Doug Janes)

Mostly because it feels like not much has happened. Doug has been busy under the house working on the foundation, so–a lot less dramatic than the demolition phase. This week he started rebuilding the floor of what was the porch and will become the laundry room/bedroom extension.

Last Friday we spent half-an-hour walking around talking about where walls and doorways and such should go. It started to feel real again. We are still shooting to have this phase complete by the end of June, but I can hardly imagine it. Coming home from a dogwalk the other evening, I looked over at the house and had the thought–that’s going to be my house one day. Hard to claim a home you’ve never lived in.

April in Durham has continued rainy and chilly, and then this past weekend we got hit with summer suddenly. The wisteria is just passing its peak, but still smells strong as grape Koolaid. Saturday, there was a neighborhood clean-up of the “swamp dump” lot on Primitive Street, and we put a pretty good dent in it. The temperature hit the low 90’s–I got my first sunburn, and had to spend Sunday inside with the shades drawn, hooked up to a continuous IV drip of  Britain’s got Talent episodes. Better now :-).