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Home Tour a bit of a blur June 19, 2009

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home tour 2009

A good blur, but a blur nonetheless. Also a really, really, really hot (but good) blur. Thank god someone still had the presence of mind to snap a few pics (this one courtesy of this Flickr account). I had intended to be in full documentary mode, but once the first crowd hit, it was all over for doing anything but greeting, meeting, touring, chatting, and sweating. I’m inclined to take this as a strong indication that I do afterall have a very great need for an iphone.

People were really awesome and friendly and seemed happy to see even a project as en désordre as mine. I am super bummed I did not take any pictures, as Doug had been good enough to really straighten the place up, and we hung the new French doors, which totally rock, and I was altogether feeling pretty pleased with the place. A lot more framing has been done, and I put out a sample of the red marmoleum we plan to use in the back, and it made it a lot easier to explain what things were going to look like. Hopefully.

More than one person said how much braver I am then they. Am I missing a clue here? Does the house look that bad? Thank goodness for the naive blindspot of faith that seems to be seeing me through this project.

Here is my entry in the Home Tour Booklet:
Everybody warned me that it would take about 4 times longer to renovate my house than whatever I started out thinking, and that will likely turn out to be the case. But I have so enjoyed watching the house change and grow and become something new. Slowly. Over time. It’s given me a chance to get to know the house better, to change my mind about various details, to let the house begin to speak for itself. It was built around 1920 as modest worker housing, and while we are trying to stay true to the original design, my architect/builder Douglas Janes and I are still able to have a lot of fun adding unique touches: tall french doors connecting the two front rooms where the original fireplace seems to have been; reflooring the old back porch–now converted to additional bedroom space–using a combination of red Marmoleum (a natural and sustainable green flooring product) and some tongue and groove that we were able to salvaged off the old porch (what’s greener than reusing what is already there!); using old windows as skylights; etc. I’ve learned a lot of patience working on this project, but I’ll admit that I can’t wait to move in–and when I do, it’s going to be my favorite house ever!

More on the  C-H Home Tour at the Cleveland-Holloway blog.


icing before the cake June 11, 2009

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Paolo Soleri original from Cosanti

Paolo Soleri original from Cosanti

My brother and sister-in-law visited and brought me a beautiful Paolo Soleri bronze windbell from Arizona. I’ll hang it on the porch this weekend as I try to dress things up a bit for the home tour.