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House Tour, bonus neighborhood tour! September 1, 2009

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Thank god! Bob has agreed to work on this project and choose the colors and assist with some design ideas. Bob chose the colors for my last house, and that has cured me of thinking this is something I should do on my own. It is SOooo worth the money to have it done right.  And while you may not be choosing them yourself, you get the added fun of being surprised by colors you never would have thought of, plus the bonus that they all end up going together, and all you have to do is head to the paint store with a list!

I made these videos for Bob so he could start to get a sense of the house since he will be working remotely, so I though I would share it here as well. If you have the time to kill and would groove on listening to me geek out on house minutiae, knock yourself out.


One Response to “House Tour, bonus neighborhood tour!”

  1. Jane Bishop Says:

    Loved the video tour – colors by Bob, how great!

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