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construction zone by moonlight September 3, 2009

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It’s starting to heat up! It’s starting to look good! I’m starting to feel it!

Or it may just have been the almost full moon acting on me. I went over to the house to look around inside tonight, and you know, you can’t see much in the dark. But I checked out the moon from the new bedroom windows–nice. Also the breeze with them open–nice as well.

But the real treat was (once my eyes had adjusted) seeing the newly framed opening from the living room into the kitchen–it’s big! It looks awesome! 4 feet is so much bigger than–whatever it was before! Although it makes the living room feel a bit smaller, and I now realize how open and vulnerable the kitchen will feel with respect to the front door (bare bottoms at the kitchen sink will be a risky business), it opens things up tremendously! It’s sort of a revelation. Nice.


Roofing tiles chosen (finally). Weathered Wood. On sale at Home Depot. Which is a good thing, because my rather pricey toilet arrived today. I’m a little shamed to say what it cost, although god knows I could have spent oodles more. (I could for example, have purchased one with a built-in bidet, an automatic lid, hands-free flushing, and a programmable night light for a mere $5200) But I figure, like a mattress, the toilet is not very glamorous and easily taken for granted, but think how much use you get out of it–how much you rely upon it, how much its proper function and quality can impact your life!
This is not something you should skimp on if you can help it.
So. I got a Toto Ultramax II.  A low-flow (water saving) toilet that supposedly actually works. (This seems to be a complaint about the high efficiency (Water Sense certified) toilets: they don’t flush so good. There is a wealth of entertaining euphemisms, (and not so euphemistic language) out there online discussing this, with phrases such as:

“Does the job!”
“Who needs a plunger?”
“miso paste testing” (eeeewww!)
“no need for a second flush!”
“If you position your butt so that …”
and the ever-popular… “fecal smears.”



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