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Cooking with gas December 31, 2009

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Geeking out with Furniture Plan

Gas meter hooked up yesterday. Stove now operational. Probably another few days to get hot water heater and back-up heat hooked up. But I can heat up a pan of water now!

New fridge comes next week.

Continuing to paint bedroom, clean, and do a little moving over the long weekend.


Heart Pine December 4, 2009

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Floor work started Monday. Apparently they were kinda a bitch to sand. They smelled great!

Big shocker–they are also taking forever to dry. 3-day project becomes 10-day project.
So what else is new. Tile guy supposed to start this week in bathroom.
The floors are going to look great, though.

Day room with the first coat of sealer

Living room floors, still tacky 24 hours after first coat, but looking good!