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Cooking with gas December 31, 2009

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Geeking out with Furniture Plan

Gas meter hooked up yesterday. Stove now operational. Probably another few days to get hot water heater and back-up heat hooked up. But I can heat up a pan of water now!

New fridge comes next week.

Continuing to paint bedroom, clean, and do a little moving over the long weekend.


2 Responses to “Cooking with gas”

  1. sandra deer Says:

    What great progress! We’re almost done here. Just a few things left, like getting the dining room light fixture installed and unpacking Jane’s flow blue China and displaying in the breakfront.

    2010 is going to be a New Year for us and you in every way, isn’t it.

    Enjoy your geeking out with furniture plans to the max. It’s so much easier than moving the actual stuff around.

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