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February February 22, 2010

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We're in.

We got color ...

... lots of color.

We got boxes.

Did I mention we have boxes?

Did I mention we have boxes?

and apparently more stuff than sense.

But we are in.

and the animals are digging it.


a tree grows on Mallard Ave

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a bunch of trees, actually.

The city has been coming by the past couple of weeks to plant trees as part of a Tree Planting Partnership program most of us on the street participated in. I’m still expecting a Trident Maple. This is my little Red Bud. I am inexplicably charmed by leafless large twig that has appeared in the right-of-way in view of my front door.


City dollars hard at work


hope it grows. The porch cats find the fresh mulch a very convenient litter box.


Me ‘n Doug

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Home Owner and Designer/Builder

Still speaking to each other.


photo by


Full House February 2, 2010

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Leeloo is the last of the household to make the move across the street