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About January 28, 2009

I purchased a house in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood of downtown Durham, NC in December of 2008. The house was built in 1920, and at the time of purchase had been relieved of its electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC. The house needs pretty much new or restored everything. I am currently renting a house across the street unitl I can move in. This blog is intended to be a record of the renovation process.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Paul Dudenhefer Says:

    This is wonderful, Jennifer. I look forward to watching the progress.

  2. Jane bishop Says:

    oh, boy! – This will be fun – is there a way to subscribe?

  3. Jane bishop Says:

    I just saw the box at the bottom of the page to check to be notified of follow-up comments – I assume that means I’ll get an email when you post, yes? – anyway, I checked it – Jane

  4. Oh well golly! You’re making me wish I wasn’t so self-unemployed so I could buy a house! But seriously, blog on, I look forward to reading this. Yes, the Cleveland Holloway district seems to be in to blogging. I’ll put you on the blogroll over at Elrond Hubbard.

  5. Wendy Evans Says:

    Jennifer – great to see you the other day. I am so happy you found your home and will enjoy keeping up with the progress! Wendy

  6. Mo Says:

    Thanks for this Jennifer. I am seriously thinking about doing a reno of a 100 yr old Victorian in East Durham. This is the EXACT insight I needed. So as someone who is in the know, this is do-able right? Not a completely mad idea :=) Cheers & Seasons Greetings.

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