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Stay in Cleveland-Holloway — walk to downtown Durham! June 14, 2011

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 Visiting the Bull City?  Thinking about moving here?

I now have a bedroom to rent for short stays. Stay in an historic neighborhood, and walk to all the best that downtown Durham has to offer.

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Winter Garden September 15, 2010

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Lack of posting does not indicate absence of activity. Just getting into the house was a huge relief. I’m trying to get a few more things handled before winter–making the front yard look less trashy being one. Don’t know if putting a box vegetable garden in qualifies.


Not finished yet April 12, 2010

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… or ever, it seems.

Painter got first coat on the front door. It’s a Ralph Lauren color, which HD doesn’t carry anymore, so I had to have it color-matched. Not sure they got it exactly. Maybe it will work better with the final coat. Right now it looks like something out of The Greeks. I keep expecting Clytemnestra to come sweeping out covered in blood.

Front Door with one coat of paint.

Bought new loppers yesterday and headed out to the side yard with them to do a little trimming at the shrub border with the house next door. Neighbor Matt got envious of all the fun I was having and went to fetch his trimmers and saw. Two hours later we had this. 😉


A Tree BLOOMS on Mallard Ave April 2, 2010

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While Spring is in the World, my blood approves

New Red Bud tree blooming. Thank you, City of Durham.


March March 9, 2010

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Appraisal yesterday–yikes!!
thanks to photographer Jessie Gladin-Kramer for making it look SOooo good!

More images of what the house is looking like THIS week on Flickr.


February February 22, 2010

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We're in.

We got color ...

... lots of color.

We got boxes.

Did I mention we have boxes?

Did I mention we have boxes?

and apparently more stuff than sense.

But we are in.

and the animals are digging it.


a tree grows on Mallard Ave

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a bunch of trees, actually.

The city has been coming by the past couple of weeks to plant trees as part of a Tree Planting Partnership program most of us on the street participated in. I’m still expecting a Trident Maple. This is my little Red Bud. I am inexplicably charmed by leafless large twig that has appeared in the right-of-way in view of my front door.


City dollars hard at work


hope it grows. The porch cats find the fresh mulch a very convenient litter box.